The Rabbit Hole: Anurag Banerjee on Inspiration

Anurag Banerjee reflects on the various threads that come together to influence his practice as part of 'The Rabbit Hole', a series of deep dives that tries to see why photographers see the way they see.

On Cities and Books: A Conversation with Chirodeep Chaudhuri & Jerry Pinto

From the long lost Bombay tram to a homeopathy propagandist, from Umberto Eco to the BJP, Raj Lalwani engages in an ambling, slightly rambling conversation with Chirodeep Chaudhuri and Jerry Pinto on photography, books, memories and Bombay, our shared difficult loves.

Raghu Rai on Kishori Amonkar

When we heard of the passing of Kishori Amonkar, the legendary vocalist of Hindustani classical music, one immediately thought of the legendary Raghu Rai and his iconic portraits of her, a part of his larger, extensive documentation of people of the arts. Rai recounts a rather affectionate time when he met Amonkar.